Questions sent to me remain totally confidential, but questions that are interesting may be posted on this page. However I will never post a question without your permission and of course there is anonymity in this column.
- Jules


Ask the Midwife Questions:

My baby only goes to sleep when I hold him – what should I do?
When baby is born they have come from an environment where they are all wrapped up warmly inside close to your heart and the rhythm of your body. The transition to them sleeping independently in their own bed should be gentle and gradual. Initially having your new baby cuddle in to your chest “skin to skin” has many benefits for successful breastfeeding and bonding, as he/she settles in to his/her new family environment.
Breastfeeding hurts – am I doing something wrong?
The most common reason that breastfeeding may hurt is that you have not got baby attached to your nipple properly. It is really important right from the start that baby attaches well to your nipple. Sometimes when baby is not attached completely some nipple damage can occur. This is sometimes referred to as cracked or grazed nipples. If that occurs it is best to get some professional advice regarding healing the nipples and continuing breastfeeding.
Should I feed my baby more in summer because it’s hot?
The hot sticky days of Auckland can be a challenge to feeding and settling a new baby. Strip baby down to a nappy only during feeding and feed to appetite. Each baby will have his/her own individual fluid requirements and your milk may well dilute to suit temperature. Now Autumn is here with the cooler nights just remember what my mother used to say and which is still an excellent guide – dress baby in one more layer than you are wearing.
What happens if there are two people in labour at once?
Amazingly this rarely happens. Sometimes there may be two of our customers in the labour and birthing suite at the same time but the actual times of birth never conflict.
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