Pregnancy Partners is underpinned with a strong philosophy of supporting and nurturing our patients and their partners. Neil and Denys have a dedicated commitment to:
  • Help develop an evolving bond between you and your baby throughout.
  • Preparation for you and your partner/family in readiness for birth and parenthood.
  • Fostering a relationship that develops with your own specialist obstetricians, Neil Pattison and Denys Court, who will oversee the entire pregnancy, be available for all your needs and be there for you on the big day and beyond.
  • Full involvement in your labour care in order to reduce complications.
  • Close liaison with a team of experienced midwives with whom Neil and Denys work.
  • Provision of relevant information to make the best decisions for you and your baby.
  • Provision of the best specialist clinical skills whether your experience is normal or complicated.
  • Provision of personalised care from your own obstetricians every time.
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