Currently Pregnant?

We are fortunate that in New Zealand most women will have a normal pregnancy outcome. However not all women will achieve this and many have significant complications along the way.

Our aim is for you to have the best possibly outcome for you and your baby. This requires a balanced approach of an expectation of normal outcome but vigilance and early detection of any deviation from normal. Of course this must be balanced against unnecessary intervention. To achieve these aims and to meet your expectations we need to get to know you and to be fully involved in all aspects of your care.

Your first appointment with Neil or Denys is usually an hour in duration. It is comprehensive, including a medical and obstetric appraisal, information for the whole pregnancy and a plan for the exciting journey that is ahead.

If you book early you can arrange a scan prior to the first visit with Neil which can help determine your baby’s due date if you are not sure. This can also allay any worries at this early stage.

The 8 to 12 subsequent appointments include genetic ultrasounds at 13 and 19 weeks, meetings with your midwife and any other health professionals that Neil may refer you to if required.

Neil and Denys firmly believe that full involvement in your labour care will reduce complications. Antenatal care involves a thorough assessment of your risk factors as well as an understanding of your needs and wishes. In order to achieve the optimum outcome for your pregnancy recognition of these factors as well as close monitoring of your labour progress is essential. This involves early detection of any deviation from the normal and prompt attention.
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