The Pregnancy Partners Service

Neil Pattison and Denys Court at Pregnancy Partners provide you with total care for your pregnancy, birth and post-natal recovery.

Our team is there for you from conception through your pregnancy care and delivery of your baby to when baby is 8 weeks old.  We work with a team of experienced independent midwives who add to the quality of the Pregnancy Partner’s experience.

If you book early you can arrange an early scan (at a cost of $50) prior to the first visit which can help determine your baby’s due date if you are not sure. This can also allay any worries at this early stage.


Service includes:

An initial one hour appointment which is usually in the first trimester (that is the first 12-13 weeks):

  • Medical assessment
  • Organisation of necessary and requested tests
  • Planning your full pregnancy care
  • Discussion

Subsequent Appointments:

  • Genetic ultrasounds at 13 and 19 weeks
  • 8-12 antenatal visits
  • Choose one of the highly experienced midwives associated with the practice
  • 24/7 obstetrician availability to you
  • Referrals to colleagues for any required investigations


Also Provided:

  • Early dating scan
  • Amniocentesis
  • Planned Caesarean Section
  • Planned sterilization with Caesarean Section
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